Transfers from the airport Gardermoen are carried out on new comfortable cars, equipped with air conditioning and free WI-FI.

Taxi in Oslo. Personal transfer from Gardermoen Airport to Trysil, Geilo

Taxi and Transfer Oslo Company (Nordic Drive AS) provides passenger transportation in Oslo and beyond, organizes meetings with a name sign at Oslo airports Gardermoen and Torp, as well as long-distance transfers to ski resorts.

Big Fleet Of new Mercedes

We have a large fleet of new Mercedes cars for up to 8 passengers.

Professional chauffeurs

All chauffeurs in taxi in Oslo have a license and are fluent in English.

Card and cash payment

We accept payment both in cash and card. Pay after the trip.

I thank the taxi company in Oslo for arranging business trips for our company. We were satisfied with the level of service.

Yohanan Finsen

I liked that the Oslo taxi company met me at the airport with a name sign. This is a very convenient option, because not knowing the language, it would be difficult for me to find a driver on my own. Lucky and that the driver Eric is fluent in English.

Kari Fon Trier

The Mercedes Sprinter provided for our large company was in excellent condition. We comfortably drove from Gardermoen Airport to Trysil, on the way back we also used this service.

Berit Olsen

Transfer and Chauffeur Service


We provide business services and our own vehicle fleet so that you can reach your destination safely, in comfort and always on time


We provide airport transfers to and from all the major airports. Our service is the perfect option for when you are travelling for business or pleasure


Whether it is a short shopping trip or a long-distance journey, we will get you there in comfort plus we will handle the entire event efficiently

Oslo Airport (Gardermoen, Torp) personal transfer

Book Online transfer form Airport Gardermoen
to Oslo now and pay after journey

Taxis in Oslo

Taxi in Oslo offer usual taxi inside Oslo metropolitan area with new Mercedes-E class. Airport transfer from Gardermoen to Oslo center with personal chauffeur we can offer for fixed price 99 Euro. For transfer for big group of passengers (5–16 passengers) with ski equipment WWW.Oslo.Taxi used “Maxi Taxi”: Mercedes V-class. For transfer between cities passengers have to preorder their journey . All taxis are air-conditioned, drivers usually speak good English.

How to get a taxi in Oslo?

The best way to get a taxi in the Oslo and  Airport Gardermoen (OSL) is use WhatsApp chat  or send requirement to info@oslo.taxi. Usual, taxi in Olso does not take any prepayment from customers – You will pay directly to driver after trip.
On street You can just raise your hand, or call on the phone  . Waiting time is from 5 to 30 minutes. In the popular tourist spots are located taxi stops, you need to get in the first car on the road.

Popular taxi companies in Oslo .

Taxi service servants in Norway are provided only within the city limits, in Oslo to and from Airports as well. To carry out long-distance traffic You will need to use another mode of transport. To order transfer in Oslo and Norway please send requirement to info@oslo.taxi or  WhatsApp.

How to find a taxi?

If You need taxi in Oslo and Norway right now – please use WhatsApp chat (24/7).
The best way to order Taxi in Oslo is online reservation or by e-mail: info@oslo.taxi. With Taxi in Oslo order at advance You can get guaranteed car model for a specific time and fixed price.
Also, you can always stop the car on the street with a show of hands, ask to call a car in the hotel, any restaurant or store. The average waiting time for the arrival of a taxi is from 15 to 30 minutes. In the places of a large crowd of people there are equipped parking lots of a taxi, where you need to sit in the car nearest to the departure. To install other passengers on the way, the driver is entitled only with the permission of a passenger already in the passenger compartment. For this reason, not every taxi can be caught on the street.

Cost and payment for taxi services.

A price for taxi in Oslo is not cheap. The cost of landing in a taxi – from 3 euros, and each subsequent kilometer will cost from 1.3 euros. Payment to the driver can be in cash in national currency or by credit card. The increased rate works after 18:00 and on the Holidays.
For transfer from Gardermoen airport to Oslo  with personal meeting and free waiting time we use fixed prices – 1250 Norwegian Krone or 140 USD (120 Euro).
Book transfer from airport Gardermoen to Oslo or ski resorts and get FREE taxi waiting time. No prepayment requirement.

Features of a taxi in Norway.

The country has excellent road quality, but this fact does not simplify the task for drivers. Mountain serpentines, sudden changes of weather and deterioration of visibility require the utmost care and professionalism from the driver. For this reason, the country has strict penalties for not wearing a seat belt and driving in a state of intoxication. To taxi drivers are high demands, on the observance of which depends their work.

The cost of a taxi in Oslo.

A taxi in Norway is quite an expensive way of traveling.

How to get to Oslo?

If you need cheaply to get to Oslo, use the service  to search and filter offers from Taxi in Oslo and the nearest areas. When displaying the available options for renting a taxi in Oslo, make sure the route is correct using points on the map.

Taxi in Oslo order.

If you have a planned trip, then you can pre-order a taxi cheaper. Using the search results and the sort, select the cheapest taxi from the list and place an order. Fix the price and pay the cost of the taxi at the time of booking. A taxi driver will meet you with a sign or hotel.

Bus and minibus rental in Oslo.

Along with normal transfers, taxi in Oslo  service allows you to pre-lease buses in Oslo with a capacity of up to 44 passengers. For small groups, a minivan or minivan rental of between 3 and 18 passengers is suitable.

For minibus or minivan taxi in Oslo write to info@oslo.taxi and use WhatsApp chat 

The cost of landing: from 40 NOK (5 $)

The cost of one km of travel: from 10 NOK (1,3$)

You can pay for the train in cash or by card

If you want to pay for travel with a credit card, inform the driver at the beginning of the trip.

To take a taxi at the airport, you need to go to the official counter, in the arrivals area.

We was in Oslo in April 2018. We took a taxi from the airport to the city – it cost us about 6 thousand rubles. More we did not take a taxi, because The city itself is small and moved inside on foot.

The counter starts to work with a figure of 80-90 NOK (~ 10 EUR), driving from the center is not very far ~ 200-300 NOK. The taxi service is one. You can use cards for payment.

It is expensive (about 100 NOK – the minimum trip, farther from 20 NOK per km), in the evenings and days off even more expensive. Taxi from the airport to the city to take in general is quite pointless: six thousand rubles – it’s still cheap, and the express to the central station runs every 10 minutes and delivers for 20 (and the airport is far away). Legal taxi from each other is almost the same (the biggest companies, it seems, are Norges taxi and Taxi in Oslo). There are bombs, but are almost more expensive, and deceive. According to rumors, they can. In general, if you can do without a taxi (and almost always possible), then it is better to do it.

I saw that you need to move around at night, so, of course, you can hardly do (although, generally speaking, there are night bus routes, so you can get lucky and you can get to them). Still need to understand that the queues at the taxi stands at night – a “hot” place in the sense of fights, because when at 3 am everything is closed at once, everyone goes home at the same time. In this sense, sometimes it helps to get up at some house and call a taxi by phone to his address.

From Ullevål Stadion to the airport in January was 920 NOK ~ 114 €. We drove at night on a plane, so we chose a taxi. From the central railway station, high-speed fly2get (170 NOK) trains always go to the airport, but to reach it at night + to pay for tickets for three will be about the same.

By the way in Oslo, when you order a taxi, you can tell the dispatcher to read a fixed price for a trip (fixed price), then the price of the trip will not exceed this sum. This is really advantageous; otherwise the trip would cost us 1600 NOK.

How to get to and from Oslo Airport?

The distance between the Oslo Airport Gardermoen and the city center is 48 km, the airport of Oslo is located to the north of the capital of Norway.

Taxi in Oslo offer fixed prices from Oslo Airport to Oslo center for daytime (preorder 12 hours):

  • 990 Norwegian Krone (110 USD, 99 Euro) for Mercedes E-class;
    – c1600 Norwegian Krone (190 USD, 167 Euro) for Mercedes V-class, up to 8 passengers;
  • For special transportation from Gardermoen (OSL) airport to Norwegian cities and ski resorts, please, contact info@oslo.taxi or call +4793938766

How to get to and from Oslo Airport by bus?

Between the center of Oslo and the “air gate” runs a lot of buses – once you exit the airport building you will see them. These are buses, shuttles, express trains, and simple buses of local operators. Nettbus, OSL Ekspressen, Nor-way bus Airport Coach, AS Flybussen, Ruter, Gardermobussen, TIMEkspressen, Boreal – this is almost a complete list of buses, one of which you can take to get to the center of the Norwegian capital.

Buses run quite often – on average, every 15-20 minutes during the day, that is, from about 5:30 am and up to 23 nights. But on the way, of course, more time is spent than trains. If you get to the center in 30 minutes – it’s already good.

The cost of one ticket for an adult is from 150 to 180 kr. (16-19 euros). It can be purchased directly from the driver when boarding. Buses make a series of stops along the way, and also deliver passengers to the Central Railway Station.

How to get to and from Oslo Airport by train?

The train is the ideal form of transport, because the trains run clearly on schedule, without traffic jams, and the trip is a pleasure inexpensive. So, if you do not have large baggage and you are not confused by a large number of passengers, then choose a trip by train.

There are two types of trains between Oslo airport and the city center (the journey time for both is about 20 minutes). These are express trains and NSB trains (Norwegian State Railways). The railway station is right at the airport, at the exit from the arrival zone – it is impossible to pass it, and most travelers aspire here.

The ticket for the express train between the harbor and the city center costs 180 NOK (or about 19 EUR). There are trains every 20 minutes, that is, 4 trains run in an hour, which is very convenient for passengers.

NSB trains run less often – about 2 times per hour, but the journey to them will cost you less – 93 Norwegian kroner (or about 10 euros). Note that all trains arrive at Oslo Central Station (Oslo Central Station).

Taxi from Oslo Airport.

At the airport in Oslo, of course, you can order a taxi to the city center. In the harbor there are several official operators working at once – you can find their cars in the parking lot when you leave the arrivals area. In addition, there is a help desk in the arrivals hall – you can always go there for information.

We recommends readers to use the transfer services, a reliable operator that has earned an impeccable reputation for years of excellent work and feedback from regular customers.

If you travel by company and the cost of a taxi can be divided, then the fare is not that much for comfort and time. So, the fare from Oslo airport to the city center is from 100 euros. Approximate travel time – 45 minutes (without taking into account possible traffic jams).

Taxi to Airport Gardermoen.

At night, the most convenient way to Oslo airport is by taxi, shuttle or a rented car. Public transport – trains and buses – ply in the daytime.

We advise you in advance to plan your route, calculate the time and make a trip to comfortable night, ordering a car in a trusted company.

Car rental at the airport in Oslo.

To take a car for hire right at the airport is a sensible solution, if you are going to frequently move around the city, want to rationally use your time and, of course, like driving. Offices of companies providing rental services in the harbor are enough – there are among them large ones, with a world-wide name, there are also small local ones.

And then the car will wait for you in a convenient place, and the registration will take quite a bit of time.

How to get to Oslo Airport by night?

At night, the most reliable way to get to Oslo airport is by hiring taxi. Shuttle busses and trains start from 6:00 and work until 01:00 night time.
We advise you in advance to plan route, calculate the time and make a trip more comfortable with order a taxi by WhatsApp or e-mail info@oslo.taxi. We do not charge for booking – pay JUST after trip directly to driver. We accept cash and card payment.

Hotels near Oslo airport.

We bring to your attention a list of hotels located near the airport of Oslo.

So, now you know all the possible options for transfer to and from the airport of Oslo – you read about how to get to the “air gate” on the public.

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