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Spend an unforgettable vacation in the ski resort of Trysil! This place is ideal for lovers of extreme sports, outdoor activities and for family vacations.

Trysil is known as Norway’s most popular ski center. Its territory extends on several slopes in the eastern part of the country, near the border with Sweden. Arriving in Trysil, tourists sometimes forget how to breathe, looking at the amazingly beautiful landscapes surrounding the resort. The climate of the region is recognized as the best in Europe and is considered one of the most stable in Scandinavia, thanks to the massive “belt” of coniferous forest. Trails run both in overgrown forests and open areas.

As for the slopes, in Trysil you will choose the perfect one for yourself. You can choose the black tracks in the Høgegga zone, or you can ride in red, blue and green in the Skihytta, Trysil Turistsenter and Trysil Høyfjellssenter Trysil Turistsenter zones. Most importantly, all the slopes are located next to each other, which allows the whole family to ride on one system of lifts and not be separated.

If you are new to mountain sports, then you have a unique opportunity to take a couple of lessons from real professionals in one of two ski schools. Instructors will help you and your children learn not only alpine skiing, but also snowboarding! You can also hire an individual instructor who will consider your needs and wishes. They teach alpine skiing, snowboarding, telemarking and much more. A personal instructor is a good chance to learn the basics of skiing in a short time.

In addition to winter sports, Trysil has other, less extreme, activities. Tourists are offered dog sledding and horse riding, you can also visit the bowling center, billiard rooms and spend time in the cinema. In addition, many different festivals, competitions and entertainment programs are held throughout the season.

In order for you to immerse yourself in this winter snowy atmosphere as soon as possible, our company offers you a transfer service from Gardermoen Airport to Trysil. For 2 hours spent on the way, you can relax, read your favorite book or watch a movie. Professional drivers are fluent in English and will be able to take you along the shortest and most colorful route.