Kvitfjell is another one of the numerous ski resorts in Norway. However, it is recognized as one of the best, so it is not inferior to others in popularity among tourists. Its name speaks for itself – it translates as “White Mountain”. Kvitfjell was built 50 km from Lillehammer for the 1994 Olympics and has been considered a prestigious resort among the Norwegian elite in all Northern Europe since then.

Kvitfjell is one of the first ski resorts that opens in Norway – in late October and closes – in late April. On its territory there are many snow cannons that provide perfect snow cover throughout the season. Kvitfjell is replete with trails of different levels of complexity: from beginners to professionals. You can also visit the extensive snow parks and off-piste areas, as well as places for family skiing and training slopes. In total, Kvitfjell has 23 working tracks: 5 green, 9 blue, 6 red and 3 black. Their total length is 29 km. Some tracks are suitable for night skiing because they are well lit.

Kvitfjell offers you other activities besides skiing. Among them are snowmobile excursions, safaris on sled dogs, horseback riding, snowshoeing, paragliding, climbing and much more. Children will never be bored, because especially for them they organize various contests and entertainments apres-ski. The resort has many different cafes and restaurants, so you can easily enjoy your rest after a short snack.

It is quite easy to get to Kvitfjell. It is 45 minutes from Lillehammer, so it will be convenient to get there by car or by local transport. We believe that the ideal option is a taxi. Transfer or taxi from Oslo to Kvitfjell for best price order by e-mail info@oslo.taxi or Personal order form.