Transfer or taxi from Sandvika to Airport Gardermoen for best price from 140 £ (2-3 persons) order by e-mail or Personal order form.

The Norwegian town of Sandvika is located on the territory of the Akershus county. It has acquired the status of a city quite recently — in 2003, and before that it was considered a small settlement. The town is just 15 kilometers away from the capital of Norway, Oslo, and is its suburb.

A lot of tourists, especially shopping lovers,  pick out the largest shopping center Sandvika Storsenter from all the attractions, which includes about 190 stores with an area of 50,000 square meters. Cinema fans can have a great time in the cinema with eight rooms equipped with the latest technology. The Sandvika Public Library has an uncountable number of books and magazines. In addition, you can visit Kalvoya Island and Kadettangen — an island located within walking distance of Sandvika. It is perfect for lovers of peace and tranquility; the beach cliffs and the beaches themselves attract the eye; there are barbecue areas, football games and much more. Once in 1895, Sandvika was visited by the French painter Claude Monet. This city was his inspiration for writing such masterpieces as “Sandvika, Norway” and “Lökke Bridge, Sandvika”. Sandvika managed to become famous as a first-class resort for a short period of time, where many tourists tend to rest.

How to get from Oslo airport Gardermoen to Sandvika?

There is good transportation system for Oslo to Sandvika: a railway and a highway, bus and railway stations on the territory of Sandvika. In addition, Sandvika is another station on the high-speed train line «Flytoget» to the airport Gardermoen. Train ticket from Sandvika to Airport Gardermoen costs 440 NOK (46 EURO). IA bus ride will cost around 40$.

It will be more convenient and comfortable for you to get to the city by taxi — the customer determines the city of destination and the time of departure himself. You can discuss the cost of a transfer from the airport Gardermoen to the Sandvika with the taxi driver or find out at the time of booking on the websites. Normal daytime price for transfer (2-3 persons)  from Airport Gardermoen to Sandvika with Taxi in Oslo — 140 £ (1530 Norwegian Krone). Travel time will take about 45 minutes. Send Your order to or Personal order form.

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